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*Source – comScore Dec 2012, WW

About Us

India's number 1 financial portal, reaches out to a wide cross-section of investors in the online space. With its in-depth reporting and analysis of the financial sector, has a loyal user base who make the site bigger than the rest of the category in a lot of significant parameters. Initially focused on stock market investors, today caters to the needs of investors across asset classes: equity, fixed income, real estate, and commodities. Our offerings include news, expert views, analyses, and investment tools, which help users take informed decisions about their money. At, user feedback is taken seriously, and many of the features seen today have been shaped by our users’ suggestions. True to form, has kept pace with changing technology; it is available on mobile and has introduced applications across a wide range of platforms that include Windows, Nokia, Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad. is India's No.1 online financial destination and has been a destination of first choice for the last 12 years.. In terms of sheer numbers, ComScore (December 2012- Worldwide) reports that attracts more visits per month (52.2 mn) than other websites in the same category like Yahoo! India Finance (6.7mn) + The Economic Times (19.4 mn) + Sify Finance (1 mn) put together. This is true of other parameters like ‘total minutes spent’ and “total pages viewed’ as well. This makes BIGGER than the rest of the category put together – a feat rarely accomplished in other genres of the digital content space.

Purpose and source of content

The purpose of content on is to create wealth for its users. The content is split into news, financial tools and user-generated content. News/Information – In-house reporting coupled with newswires, newsfeeds, and other sources from Network18 like CNBC TV-18, CNBC Awaaz, Forbes etc. The site also has interviews and dialogues with key people from across industries and a LIVE BSE and Nifty ticker.

Tools – Apart from tools like MF Meter, tax calculator, EMI calculators, offers Portfolio Manager – a tracker that lets the user track his portfolio and also stay updated real –time with emailer alert services.

Another source of content is from our users itself. In fact, our message board “M3” has been in the social space before the term ‘social network” even came into being. Today, M3 boasts of 25,000+ messages a day with peak messaging being in the market hours where a message is posted every few seconds. Most traded companies check the investor pulse on M3 which is a testimony to the value we offer our users and the industry at large.

Structure & Navigation is divided into content and interactive tools. In the first scroll from LHS to RHS, users are offered the choice to browse the site in English or Hindi. The "search bar" allows for information like stock quotes, news, NAV’s, people, messages, notices and videos. The ‘sign in’ area to portfolio and M3 is in the top RHS.

The double navigation bar has all elements from LIVE markets to LIVE TV, followed by the LIVE market indices, headlines and stock exchange graphs. The site runs deep on the lower scrolls and includes other elements such as top gainers / losers, most active stocks, bullion, currency, commodities, LIVE BSE / NSE feeds, share holding pattern, upcoming IPO’s, expert columns etc.

The personalization offered to consumers on is a mix of cookie based technologies (e.g. – stocks last visited emerge on the RHS of the website) as well as data entered by the user (e.g. Portfolio).

From a functionality perspective: allows users to track markets, investments, news and analysis and allows a platform for them to interact with other investors.

Functionality aids users in managing and maintaining their wealth and has been one of liberalization’s best friends. From a functionality perspective: allows users to track markets, investments, news and analysis and allows a platform for them to interact with other investors.
Markets: Live action
News: Analysis, aggregation and proprietary stories
Results: The best hangout for investors every quarter and a hotbed of activity during results
Mutual Funds: everything from the best funds to buy to interactive elements like the Mutual Fund Meter
IPO: a real time look at the happenings in the IPO space
Commodities: For the POWER INVESTOR – a thorough look at all commodities traded in the nation
Wealth: For those first steps in investing…
Portfolio: Your net worth 24/7 and LIVE
M3: Market Buzz of the investor, by the investor, for the investor
MY TV: India's best financial LIVE TV and videos on Demand
Price And Chart Page: An exhaustive listing of all listed companies on the Indian stock exchanges
SME Mentor: An exclusive online platform for Smart Business Leaders across Small and Medium Enterprises which aims at empowering them with smart business intelligence.


The Numbers game remains a consistent leader in the Business/Finance websites category and ranks higher in almost all parameters than the entire category put together.

Please go through the presentation to understand why remains India's no. 1 financial portal.

our audience

A glimpse of Investing India and a closer look at the user base of that comprises of financially astute and influential users. Along with a large community of users with high spending power, the site also helps out investors across income categories looking out for various investment options.

budget 2012

A look at the marketing campaign unleashed by for Budget 2012 which helped the brand reach out to new users and create excitement around the Budget. The big idea for the campaign was "Presented like never before" with over the top and irreverent creatives in order to appeal to a younger audience set. The campaign delivered a whopping 115 million impressions and led to a massive 3.3 mn visits to the site on Budget day. This led to a total of 7.8 mn unique visitors (comScore WW, March’12), an increase of 34.6% from the Budget month in 2011. The average page views also went by 30% as a result of exposure to the campaign, with the percentage reach increasing by 21%.

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